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2016 Christmas Party
From: 14-Katherine Fan    Updated time: 2016-12-29    Hits: 791
On the evening of December 25th, there was an impressive and exciting party held by GETCH to celebrate Christmas. A couple of weeks before the party, all GETCH students participated in decorating the whole playground and media room in order to make the party warmer and sweeter. What impressed us most were the snowflakes cut by students.
We had guests who came from Sun Yat-sen University and HSBC. Our Christmas party started at 7pm. There were two beautiful English hostesses, our foreign teacher Samantha and Krissy. The other two beautiful Chinese hostesses were Jessica and Olivia. The funny opening from them and the Santa Clauses made the audience laugh. They imitated Santa being pulled by his reindeer and threw candy to everyone in the audience. Then, they introduced the agenda of the party, which included performances, raffle drawings, gift exchanges and game time.
Firstly, a foreign employee from HSBC gave a performance about Hawaiian dance and he invited some of audience members to dance with him, which made us more relaxed. Then, Star from grade 16 and Air from grade 15 sang a Chinese song called "Tonghua" to us. It sounded very comforting. In addition,  a funny sketch performance from grade 14 reminded the audience that the new year is coming because they presented a skit of a blind date. Finally, the first round of the raffle drawing came and there were 5 prizes (bags) for the people who held the lucky numbers. Then, it turned to performance again! A bilingual poem was wonderfully declaimed by Mavis and Maple from grade 15, which was called "The Furthest Distance in the World" and it touched most of us. Then, there was another funny sketch performance from three students from grade 16. It was a story about a tutor and a father and his son. What they performed made us laugh. Then, it came to the second round of the raffle drawing. There were 8 (headphones) prizes. Performance again! Candy and Lucky from grade 14 gave us a hot and wonderful wheelchair dance that impressed all of us. The last performance was a TV show where some students and teachers hosted a program called Mars Intelligence Bureau. They shared some stories they found and made conclusions. There were three prizes (Mickey Mouse bags) for the last round of the raffle drawing.
When it came to Game time and gift exchange part, everyone felt more excited. There were many games, such as throwing darts, blowing table tennis balls and so on. We could get tickets if we won, and then we could use them to in exchange for small gifts. Last but not least, because each of us prepared a gift before the party, the most exciting part was that each of us had an opportunity to exchange a present by choosing the corresponding number. Frankly speaking, every gift was generous and carefully-prepared. All of us got gifts, and we felt happy.
It was not only a Christmas party, providing a special occasion for us to make new friends and make us more confident, but we also knew the meaning of sharing and cooperation learned from the games. We are looking forward to the next Christmas party.

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