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New Semester and New Beginning
From: 16-Mark Liang    Updated time: 2017-03-17    Hits: 573
New semester means new beginning, so we all expect to make great progress. To celebrate the new semester, an opening ceremony was held successfully at GETCH on March 14th, 2017. At this ceremony, the participants consisted of the Chairman of the Disabled People¡¯s Federation, leaders of kindergarten schools, the Recruitment Manager from China Hotel, the software engineering team leader, manager and staff from Shangri-La Hotel, members from Hua Ren Center, our foreign teacher, GETCH¡¯s staff and all the students. During the wonderful day, all of us benefited a lot and enjoyed ourselves.
First of all, Vivian Tang, the host of the ceremony, set the atmosphere with her jokes. Then, she declared the beginning of the ceremony of the 2nd semester of the 2016-2017 school year and introduced all guests and leaders.
After a while, our Principal Li delivered a speech to all of us and expressed warm welcome and gratitude to the guests¡¯ attendances. Principal Li expressed great thankfulness to HSBC, Shangri-La and China Hotel. Thanked them for offering so many opportunities to GETCH¡¯s students to work and study. She also said that spring was a seed of hope and she would try her best to make GETCH better. From her speech, we really learned a lot. Most of the students will keep it in mind.
Then, our foreign teacher, Samantha, an elegant and funny lady, gave an inspiring speech to encourage us and mentioned the real meaning of success. It was beneficial to all of us. We all enjoyed her vivid speech. After our foreign teacher¡¯s wonderful speech, the software engineering team leader gave us a vivid speech, hoping that GETCH and HSBC would keep cooperating and letting more disabled students feel warm any time. He also wanted to hold more activities with GETCH and make all the students happier.
From Hotel Manager Mr. Tomkiers¡¯ speech, we learned that we should make good use of our materials and keep an environmental awareness in our hearts. Only when we do that, can we make our life better.
The most exciting part was the rewards for the excellent students. Air Huang, Jack Mo, Owen He from grade 15 and Irene Lin, Christina He, Felix He from grade 16 were awarded for their willingness to help others. It is known to all that we are supposed to be willing to help each other. Only in this way, can we make our life full of love. Felix represented this group to make a speech and he encouraged us to start out small to help others. He strongly believed that our society would be better if we did that. At the same time, the ¡°Ziqiang Scholarship¡± went to Mavis Cheng, Ana Deng from grade 15 and Mark Liang, Benjamin from grade 16, who did a good job last semester. Ana Deng represented this group to deliver a speech and she said "nothing is impossible; we should try our best and take it seriously".

After half an hour, the ceremony came to an end. We are supposed to make good use of our time to study hard and work hard. With the efforts of all of us, GETCH will be better. All in all, we had a very meaningful opening ceremony.

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