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An Amazing English Talent Show
From: 16-Cecilia Zheng    Updated time: 2017-05-09    Hits: 529
The clear breeze blows gently. After a storm comes the calm. The joyous atmosphere expanded along with the sunshine¡¯s appearance. The talent show between Singaporeans and GETCH has begun. Let¡¯s rub our eyes and see their wonderful performances.
The hosts are Samantha Hu and our Singapore friend. The first part is principal¡¯s speech ¨C Li Xiao Qing. She expressed her thankfulness to Singaporean friends and GETCH students¡¯ help for this show and her expectations for our performances. We won¡¯t let her feel disappointed I think.
The second part is the talent show. The first group was Maggie¡¯s group and they sang a song called "Take me to your Heart". Their mellifluous voices created a magical world and attracted everyone in attendance. After that, we heard a fantastic reading of a poem called Why I Love You from Mark¡¯s group and a drama called Hamlet from Alice¡¯s group. Alice¡¯s group¡¯s story touched our hearts and showed a sad love story, which made us want to cry. The most exciting part was when we saw perfect dances from Christina and Rayton¡¯s groups. Their hot and rhythmed performances shook us. Everyone liked their attracting dances. The most interesting performances were Felix¡¯s and Victoria¡¯s funny, short sketches with some Singapore students. Their acting and plots were so funny and they became the center of our attentions. They gave us a lot of happiness and unforgettable memories. We also learned to be more confident and believed that the disabled can also show our talents like a normal person.
To our surprise, we played two interesting games. Everyone got a note with a word under their seats and found their partner with the same note. Then, they found red packets everywhere. The other game was spelling words. The host said a word and spelled it, and every group had to find something whose first letter was the same as one of the word¡¯s letters. The group that found all of them would get a prize. These games not only made us feel excited, but also left an awesome memory.
Happy times fly so much. Our talent show was close to the end. At last, Singaporean students sang a song for us before we took a group photo. We are all thankful for their visit, helpfulness, and they have made a significant memory on us. Thank you so much! See you next year!

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