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What a Wonderful Graduation Ceremony
From: 15-Mavis Cheng    Updated time: 2017-06-14    Hits: 632
When it comes to the graduation ceremony, I think it is a memorable event for graduates. June 10th was also a special day for GETCH because all students and teachers came together to hold a graduation ceremony for Grade 14. Besides, this was our 21st graduation ceremony at GETCH.
The graduation ceremony was about to start at 10 o'clock, but the junior students were so excited that they woke up very early to make some preparations for their graduation ceremony, and most girls wore makeup that day. In addition, all the graduating students went to the first floor office to get their baccalaureate gowns. We can see that all of them were really looking forward to their graduation ceremony.
The ceremony began at 10a.m. Our host, Benjamin, from Grade 16 and our hostess, Mara, from Grade 15 gave us brief opening remarks for the ceremony. During the opening remarks, Benjamin and Mara introduced the guests attending the ceremony.
After the opening remarks, Principal Li delivered a speech. From the Principal's speech, we learned that even though Principal Li didn't have any chance to be with those graduates before they graduated, she was very happy to have a chance to attend their graduation ceremony, and she conveyed her best wishes to all the graduates. After that, the head teacher of Grade 14, Aaliyah, and one of our other teachers, Mr. Lee, also gave their best wishes to Grade 14. Aaliyah said, "Graduation doesn't mean an ending, but a new beginning for your lifetime." They encouraged the graduates to continue to learn more in their lives.
Moreover, one of the graduates, Daniel, gave us a speech on behalf of Grade 14. In his speech, he told us how he improved his oral English and writing skills, and he suggested the other students should treasure their time at GETCH and capture every opportunity to improve their English skills. Then, one of the junior students, Jackson, also conveyed his best wishes to the graduates. In addition, one of the guests called Sarah Albert gave a speech that was filled with her best wishes.
After all the speeches, we watched a video that reminded the graduates of happy and memorable moments. Then, Principal Li presented the awards to some of the graduates for their good performance during the past few years. Our foreign teacher, Samantha, also presented awards to those who always helped others and did a good job in all kinds of competitions outside of GETCH. Then, Principal Li presented the awards to some of the graduates for their excellent grades in their study last term. Last but not least, GETCH presented every graduate with a gift. In return, the graduates, with great gratitude, gave a present to GETCH.
The graduation ceremony came to an end at about 11:30, and the graduates also took lots of unforgettable photos with their families, teachers, and friends.
What a wonderful graduate ceremony we had that day! We believe that all of the graduates will have a bright future.
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