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Hello! Our New Semester
From: 15-Mavis Cheng    Updated time: 2017-09-12    Hits: 531
How time flies! The September of 2017 is coming. Therefore, all students and teachers gathered together at GETCH to hold the opening ceremony of the 1st Semester of 2017-2018 School Year on September 11th.
The opening ceremony started at 3 p.m. and Grace was our hostess that day. In the very beginning, Grace briefly introduced the guests who attended our opening ceremony. Although there were no freshmen at GETCH this year, we still had three leaders from 3 different kindergartens and two friends of GETCH attended our opening ceremony. 
After the opening remarks, the Principal from GETCH gave us an encouraging speech. In her speech, Principal Li conveyed her best wishes to all staffs and students. Just like what Principal Li said: "Even though we don't have freshmen this year, GETCH will still try to help students with disabilities in another way." Besides, she hoped all students study hard and try their best to their goals in the new semester.
After the speech from Principal Li, we came awarding sessions. The first part was to award for those students who were always willing to help others. Luckily, Sunny Chen, Owen He, Air Huang (students from Grade 15) and David Wu, Vicky Chen, Kenny Li (students from Grade 16) got this prize. Therefore, Mr. Chen gave the gifts to them. Then, Air represented those students who got this prize to give a speech. We could learn from his speech that to give is luckier than to be given. What's more, Victoria Mai, a student from Grade 16, got the Matching Scholarship because of her excellent poster design and she told us that nothing was impossible. So, Cherry Liang delivered the prize and the scholarship to her.
Finally, we had to award for those students who did a really good job during last semester and in the whole year. The "Ziqiang" scholarship went to Cecilia and Eva, two students from Grade 16. Last but not least, the "Fenjin" scholarship went to Mavis, Ana and Mark, two students from Grade 15 and a student from Grade 16. In the end, Mavis gave us a speech. We could draw a conclusion from her speech that good luck was another name for tenacity for purpose.
Our opening ceremony came to an end after taking a group photo. We sincerely hope all staffs and students at GETCH can continue to study hard, work hard and remember to be happy because no one is in charge of our happiness except ourselves!
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