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Halloween Celebration
From: 16-Cecilia Zheng    Updated time: 2017-11-02    Hits: 971
The autumn air was fresh and the wind was gentle when this years annual Halloween party was hosted. Everyone dressed up in costumes and put on make-up to have a wonderful time.
Tonight we had two hosts, our English teacher, Matt, who spoke in English, and a Chinese host Cecilia, who spoke in Chinese. Students had decorated the scene very elaborately and frightful before the party began. In the beginning, the student union members brought us an amazing modern fashion show in their costumes. The most attractive costumes were the ones worn by Vicky and Benjamin. Vicky walked so charming with a black sexy costume and Benjamin looked so scary in his horror doctor costume.      
The second part of the night we played a game were we had to pass a password while wearing headphones and listening to loud music. A person read a sentence then told to the next person who wore a headphone, and so on. Every group had four participants The final person would try to say what they thought the sentence was, whose answer is more similar with the original sentence will win. Many students had a wonderful time on the stage and won candy.
The third part is watching a wonderful video. The video is about some frightful scenes and student's scaring each other. It was so funny but also at the time it was irritating being scared. Time passed so quickly, we came to the next part-playing games as a community We had four games; grog jumping,drop around,flip the cup,and pong chakra. Everyone had a perfect time during the game part and won a large amount of prizes.
The happy time went quickly and at last, we came to the last part, where we picked the most popular Halloween costume worn in the night. The winner was to receive a brilliant gift. Which was most surprising was that that the audience chose the winner to be the host Cecilia. She won with her corpse bride costume and scary makeup.
Although the party was so short, all the students and guests spent a great time in the party. We wait for the next wonderful party. Wish you guys also had an awesome Halloween festival.

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